Five Digital Citizenship Themes

November 20, 2021
Five Digital Citizenship Themes

Digital Well-Being

Be aware that our use of technology can have a significant impact on our mental, physical, social, and emotional health. Remember to take technology breaks and disconnect from the endless amount of content we are exposed to day in and day out. Your personal well being should take priority over notifications- ensure that you are scheduling yourself some well deserved digital-free time every single day!

Online Safety

Always be on alert for potential risks to your personal information and privacy. Educate yourself on the privacy settings of the various platforms that you utilize, only respond to messages where you personally know the sender, and keep any identifying factors near and dear to yourself (ie. name, age, credit cards, banking information, etc). Set up a routine where you change your digital passwords every six months, and vary the password combinations between the different applications that you use.

Digital Literacy

Become a consumer of information, digital communications, and perspectives. Be able to evaluate and think critically about all the digital content you send, see, communicate, and interact with. Be methodical, careful, and intentional in how you engage with content and how you choose to express yourself. Be fluent and informed in your ability to use digital tools to find, create, and communicate information.

Digital Footprint

Remember that your digital activities leave a trail behind you. This could be the emails that you send, the websites that you visit, the videos that you search, or the content that you post. Be careful and cautious with your digital footprint and ensure that you would feel comfortable with any potential employer, family member, business partner, co-worker, or community member viewing your online activity. Digital footprints can be created in seconds, but have an impact for years to come.

Digital Kindness

Digital kindness is the ability to be considerate and compassionate towards others online. It means seeking out information and perspectives that help us all evolve into better human beings. Digital tools are best used to connect, inspire, build positive relationships, and better understand other human beings in our world. We can all actively choose to participate in digital kindness.

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