Five Tips for a Strong Digital Footprint

December 27, 2021
Strong Digital Footprint

A strong digital footprint is an online presence and pathway that reflects the best personal you! It is the ability to carefully curate positive content and interact with others in effective and inspiring ways. It is also the ability to be methodical in how you share information with others and to be constantly mindful of how your digital footprint represents how you would like to be perceived by others. A strong digital footprint can help lead the way into many promising opportunities and easily separate yourself from others. Not sure about the status of your digital footprint? Try Googling yourself and see if there are a few ways in which you can make your digital footprint stronger and more reflective of you..

Privacy Settings

Be a careful and methodical gatekeeper of your personal information and media content. The settings of each digital application that you use should be carefully reviewed and explored so that you know exactly who is observing and interacting with your online content. Once your content is public it can be next to impossible to reverse it.

Think Long Term

Your future self in five, ten, or twenty years should be proud of the images and content that you are posting today. Many potential opportunities can arise from a strong and carefully crafted digital footprint. Ensure that you do not miss out on these opportunities by sharing information and images that can be harmful to your future self.

Positive & Kind

You have probably heard the THINK acronym when it comes to posting digitally. Is it True? Helpful? Inspiring? Necessary? Kind? A strong digital footprint leaves behind an online pathway that is consistently kind and compassionate towards others. Your digital content shouldn’t contain anything that you wouldn’t feel comfortable saying face to face.

Share Strategically

The rumour is true- less is more! Watch that you are not oversharing and posting so frequently that your audience starts skimming over your content and digital communications. Posts and emails should be carefully crafted and distributed so that your messages remain powerful, clear, and impactful. Overposting weakens your voice and unnecessarily clutters newsfeeds and inboxes.

The Best of You

Your digital footprint should always reflect who you truly are as a human being and communicate your core values, beliefs, and passions. Oftentimes your digital presence is the first impression that others receive about you, so be sure that the content you are creating and sharing represents how you would like to be perceived in this world. All your social media platforms and digital communications should always be the best version of you.

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