Five Ideas for Better Digital Relationships

January 4, 2022
Five Ways for Better Digital Relationships

Be Genuine & Sincere With Your Messages

All digital communications that you send should be authentic, honest, and reflective of your own personal thoughts. If you think someone’s new profile picture looks great- tell them! It is important not to mislead, perpetuate thoughts that are not your own, or communicate information that you do not believe in. Stay true to your genuine and sincere self at all times and keep your words in line with your beliefs and thought processes.

Respect Others Time & Contributions

Ensure that any digital messages you send are productive and on point. Be polite, yet direct and concise with your communications. Perhaps make multiple points in one communication, rather than sending multiple right after each other. Also, be open minded to the information that is shared with you, multiple minds are always better than one. Embrace other perspectives and contributions, and continue to learn in this ever changing world.

Perfect Your Email Etiquette

There are some fundamental email etiquette behaviours that can help or hinder digital relationships. Let’s start with one meme worthy one. Think before you click “reply all” and type your quick reply, no one likes an excessive amount of messages that do not pertain to them. Some other email etiquette behaviours to consider are to always include a subject line, use a professional email address, be cautious with humor, use ‘bcc’ to send messages to a higher volume of people, and respond in a timely manner. Following these simple etiquette standards for email can do wonders for your digital relationships.

Communicate Clearly & Carefully

There is no need to fill the world with words if you do not need to. Ensure that you are communicating clearly, concisely, and carefully. Get right to the point into your digital communications and posts. Unnecessary words clutter digital communications and wastes valuable seconds trying to decipher or interpret your message. Know what you would like to say and say it, no scenic route required.

Support Content That Inspires

Be sure to support and encourage digital content that inspires ideas, promotes kindness, shares valuable learnings, and makes us all better human beings. Do you best to interact and make connections online with others who motivate your personal growth and provoke your thinking in new ways. Successful individuals, especially those with strong digital relationships, surround themselves with great people.

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