Five Digital Resolutions to Kick Start a New Year

January 11, 2022
Five Digital Resolutions to Kick Start a New Year

Password Reset

The start of a New Year is a great time to go through all your digital accounts and reset all your passwords to fresh new ones. Ensure that there is significant variation between your different passwords and avoid using easily guessed names or combinations. It is encouraged to reset your passwords every six months to ensure that you are protecting your digital content and information.

Social Media

New Year, New Digital Self! Take the time to review your social media accounts and double check your privacy settings to ensure that you are not accidentally sharing content outside of your comfort zone. Double check the different account settings and be confident with where your content is visible!

Finding Joy

The rumour is true! There is something so completely satisfying about organizing your files and decluttering your digital workflow. From renaming documents, to creating folders, to deleting unnecessary files, it will feel great to kick start the year with a nice and tidy digital work space! Plus, you might even find some long lost digital treasures that can be put to good use!

Screen Time

As an individual, or as a family, set some clear boundaries and expectations when it comes to screen time. Perhaps schedule device free meals or limit evening screen time to ensure that you have time to connect and enjoy activities away from a device. Limiting screen time can also do wonders for establishing a consistent sleep routine, strengthening your mental health, and pushing yourself to try out a new activity or hobby.

Learn a New Trick

Carve out some time to learn a new digital tool that can benefit your life in some capacity. There are a surprising number of digital tools that can increase productivity, promote meaningful connections, stimulate our thinking, or enhance personal creativity. Whether it be an app or a website, there are always great digital tools to learn that bring positive changes to our lives!

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