Parent and Teacher Guide to Instagram

February 4, 2022
Parent and Teacher Guide to Instagram

Public Vs. Private

There are two types of accounts when it comes to Instagram, one being public and the other one being private. A public Instagram account means that your profile and posts can be viewed by anyone both on and off Instagram, even if they may not even have an Instagram account. A private account means that only those you approve as Instagram friends or contacts can see your profile and posts. A private account should be encouraged for children and students to help protect their privacy and personal information online.

Account Set Up

When setting up an Instagram account there are a few important details to keep in mind. The first is to avoid using your last name in your profile, perhaps use your first name in combination with another descriptor or favorite number. The second is to choose a profile picture that leaves a little mystery to your identification. Select one where you face is not directly viewable, or of a completely different object or landscape. Lastly, avoid putting specific personal details in your bio that could connect others to your residence, school, other social media accounts, or phone numbers.

Content Choices

Be careful, cautious, and strategic with the content that you post. Avoid repetitive content, personal content, content that could harm the well being of others, or content that could potentially interfere with your future endeavors. Content choices pave the way for your digital footprint, and it is important for a digital footprint to be positive, encouraging, and a strong foundation to the future successful and thriving you.


Be aware that there are multiple ways to communicate with others through Instagram. Communication on Instagram can be through a story, a post, comments, or direct messages. Not all communication is easily visible, and communication can be any combination of images, reels, video, or text. Some communications may only last twenty-four hours (stories), or some can become more permanent with a simple screenshot. Be on the lookout for different kinds of communications and encourage digital kindness and safety with ongoing conversations.


Hashtags are frequently used in Instagram posts to index and categorize information, but they can also be used for entertainment and harmful purposes. It is important to know that Hashtags may increase engagement with a post, can promote brands and followers, but hashtags can also easily link your content to others based on the labels and not all hashtags have good intentions. Bots and spam Instagram accounts also often use hashtags to try and interact with others. There is a limit of thirty Hashtags on Instagram per post, know how they work and if they help or harm your Instagram account.

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