An Educator’s Guide to Boosting Digital Productivity

February 24, 2022
An Educator’s Guide to Boosting Digital Productivity

Boosting digital productivity is key to maximizing your invaluable professional work time and accomplishing more online within a shorter amount of time. The five strategies listed below will help you to make more effective use of your digital time and be purposeful in the tasks that you choose to complete. It is amazing what impact these strategies can have on your professional productivity, individual success, and a more enjoyable work life balance.

Establish a solid routine

Initiate your digital productivity at the same time each day, schedule consistent meal times, and take regular breaks to enjoy some fresh air. The more you train your brain to perform digital tasks at certain times, the more effortless it will become to complete them.

Block your time

Purposefully plan out your work day and digital productivity in thirty minute time slots. This will ensure that certain tasks get completed and that you are not wasting time throughout the day checking emails or being distracted by lower priority tasks.

Set weekly goals

At the start of each week set out a few digital goals that you would like to complete. This could be planning a new learning activity, setting the agenda for a virtual meeting, organizing your digital workspace, or taking the time to collaborate with a colleague. When you focus your energy on what you would like to complete, it is more likely to happen.

Focus on high priority tasks

The high priority tasks should be the first on your digital productivity to do list. Even if they may appear to be larger daunting tasks, breaking them into smaller productive chunks can help you get to that finish line faster. Making high priority tasks the focus of your energy will ensure that you have a methodical approach to your digital productivity and will ensure that important tasks are being completed in a timely manner that benefits others as well.

Enhance your collaboration

There are so many ways to extend and benefit from your digital professional learning network. Taking the time to enhance your collaboration with others can lead to powerful new ideas, new productivity tools, and inspiration to lead your digital thinking and production in new directions. Investing the time into new collaborative opportunities will be sure to rejuvenate your digital productivity approach and perspective of ideas.

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