Educator’s Guide to Healthy Media Use

February 24, 2022
Educator’s Guide to Healthy Media Use

Am I Learning?

Interacting with digital media can be healthy for our brains if we are taking the time to learn a new skill, enhance our writing skills, collect inspirational ideas from others, or practice fundamental numeracy concepts with an online math program. The acquisition of new knowledge or skills is always a great and healthy use of media.

Am I Creating?

There are so many powerful digital media applications that can create powerful visual displays, infographics, presentations, and moving content. Healthy media use should be productive, inspiring, and perpetuating ideas that drive change and positive solutions. Creating materials and content that help others or our own learning is a rewarding and healthy use of media.

Am I Aware of My Time?

Healthy media use involves a strong awareness of time and the ability to effectively and purposefully use media to learn and create. Those with healthy media use understand the importance of balancing the online and offline worlds, and are effective in managing their media time in ways that optimize their productivity and well-being. They also recognize the need to unplug after a certain amount of time, and re-energize with some physical movement or time outdoors.

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