Educator’s Guide to Social Media Risks

March 9, 2022
Educator’s Guide to Social Media Risks

Social Media refers to the dynamic websites and applications that enable users to communicate, engage, create, and share content. Common Social Media platforms include Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, and Facebook. And although Social Media brings a great deal of personal interaction and entertainment to young users, it is important to be aware of three very serious and potentially harmful risks associated with its use.


Safety is at the forefront of risks when it comes to the use of Social Media. It is important that all users take caution and do their best efforts to ensure that personal information is kept close at bay. Personal information may include full name, birthday, physical location, phone numbers, passwords, financial details, and personal content. It is important to never share these personal details with anyone online, and especially with those who may be outside of your direct social network.


Social Media platforms make it too tempting, easy, and convenient to share unkind messages and negative content towards another human being. Cyberbullying is a constant battle in our schools and communities and it is important to always have the necessary and ongoing conversations about navigating the complexities of digital communications and interactions. Digital kindness should always be taught, encouraged, and reinforced.


The steady stream of entertainment and instant gratification that Social Media brings to our students lives makes for a quick and hard to kick addiction. Too many students grab a device the second they have a free moment and are revolving their lives around the content, digital interactions, and trends that they witness through these Social Media platforms. Device free time is always strongly encouraged to help maintain a healthy balance between the online and offline worlds.

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