Educator's Guide to Balancing the Online and Offline World

March 14, 2022
Educator's Guide to Balancing the Online and Offline World

Finding a healthy balance between the online and offline world is a constant and daily struggle. It can be extremely hard to resist the temptation to take a scroll through Social Media, check a new notification or text message, or to send off a quick reply to an email. The following are three simple and effective ways to help you find a better and stronger balance between the online and offline worlds.

Make Plans

Use your online time to deliberately block off or schedule offline time doing your favorite activities. Become more conscious with how you use your time and block off specific blocks or chunks of your day to spend time doing what you love in the offline world.

Set Timers

Setting screen limit timers, or ending device use after a predetermined period of time, can ensure that you are strategic and purposeful in making that offline time a priority in your life. Be sure to have those time limits in place frequently so that you are not missing out on precious offline time with friends, family, and with your personal offline interests.

Purposely UnPlug

The best way to ensure that you are staying offline is to place your device to rest away from you, even another full room or more away from you. If you purposely place your device in another location it will be way less tempting to pick back up and keep going. The further you can separate yourself from the device or devices, the more successful you will be with staying unplugged.

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