The Best Combat Against Internet Trolls

May 18, 2022
The Best Combat Against Internet Trolls

An internet troll intentionally goes out of their way to antagonize, disrupt, and post digressive messages in a digital community or social platform. Internet trolls can be extremely infuriating and bothersome, they know exactly what and when to type to create intentional conflict and interference. It may be difficult to avoid those pesky internet trolls, but you can combat them with these four effective defensive strategies.

Don’t Feed Them

Internet trolls prey on emotions. They want you to get upset, frustrated, and annoyed- they thrive on it! The more you engage with them, the more they will persist because their actions are getting the desired effect. If you don’t engage with the troll, they will hopefully get bored and move on.

Block, Ban, or Report

Most digital communities and social media platforms have a block, ban, and/or report feature to deter internet trolls from bothering others with abusive content. It can be a little time consuming to go through this process, but it will be satisfying witnessing the removal of their internet profiles and enjoying a more peaceful digital environment.

Kill them with Kindness

The best defense is offense! Responding to the internet troll with bold kindness will most likely disrail their malicious and annoying tactics. Internet trolls may not even know how to respond to your complimentary nature and queen worthy manners. Kill them with your kindness and watch them lose momentum on their negative energy.

Protect with Privacy

This solution is pretty black and white. If you don’t want trolls posting or commenting on your social media profiles, keep them private. You won’t get unsolicited opinions and perspectives if the trolls can’t access your content in the first place. Review the privacy settings of your digital communities and social media platforms to ensure that you are set up to avoid the nuisance of internet trolls.

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