An Educator’s Guide to Social Media Mindfulness

May 29, 2022
An Educator’s Guide to Social Media Mindfulness

It is hard not to feel like the world is heavy when scrolling through the endless amount of social media content. Integrating mindfulness into your social media experience can reduce anxiety, eliminate negativity, and help you to live a more fulfilling and happier life. Becoming more aware of mindfulness strategies when navigating social media will enable you to take more control of the content that you choose to interact with and help set some healthy boundaries to boost your mental well-being.

Practice Non-Judgement

Non-judgement behavior is the ability to accept individuals and content that we do not agree with. This can be challenging to do at times, but when you think negatively about others it actually makes YOU feel bad, not them. If you want to feel good, it is important to feel positive thoughts and perspectives. Make an effort to find a positive aspect of someone if you find yourself judging them.

Set Intentions & Time Limits

Be purposeful with your time online and set yourself a limited period of time to interact with social media. Perhaps try setting an intention of having a positive experience before opening the app, and recognize that it is time to close the app if you are feeling overwhelmed with information or negative thoughts.

Avoid Accounts That Don’t Inspire

It is important to mute or unfollow accounts that don’t contribute to a positive frame of mind or inspire personal growth and learning. This will make a world of difference when you are scrolling through social media, as you will be naturally and unconsciously taking in uplifting information. Take charge of the content that you interact with to ensure that your experience is positive, healthy, and productive.

Stay Present & On Your Own Journey

The only true way to be happy is to stay present in the moment and to focus on your own personal journey. Live your best life outside of social media and remember that social media represents an artificial world of unrealistic ideas, filters, and carefully crafted content. Stop comparing yourself to what you see on social media platforms and quantifying engagement, and start living a fulfilled life by prioritizing your time and focusing on meaningful connections and activities.

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