The Best Defense Against Negative Creativity

July 2, 2022
The Best Defense Against Negative Creativity

Be protective of your digital time.

It is important to set boundaries and limitations to the digital content that you engage and interact with. Thirty minutes is the recommended daily allotment to interact with social media to prevent the flooding of overwhelming and negative content. Aimless scrolling for long periods of time is dangerous to both our time management and our mental health.

Unfollow any negative content

If there are certain social media creators and individuals that are wearing on your energy levels, it is most likely time to unfollow them. There is no need to continually subject yourself to negative content, critiques, and complaints. Find peace in unfollowing and moving past information sources that do not contribute to your positive well being.

Disengage and focus your thoughts

When you find your emotional energy shifting to a negative space while interacting online, disengage yourself with the current task and switch towards one that is going to bring you more joy. Focus your thoughts on content and tasks that support your personal growth and contribute to positive feelings of happiness, purpose, and connection.

Immerse yourself in positivity

The best defense against digitally negative is to surround yourself with positive content and individuals that inspire you to be an even better version of yourself. Carefully and methodically cultivate a digital culture of support, encouragement, inspiration, and learning. Purposely immerse yourself in content that continues to enhance your well being and success.

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