An Educator's Guide to Super Clickbait!

July 14, 2022
An Educator's Guide to Super Clickbait!

You’ll never believe this! The most amazing video ever! Check out this weird trick that will change your life! Ten ways to bring in thousands of dollars every month!

If you have seen one of these headliners before, you have most likely encountered some Clickbait. Super Clickbait is the intentional act of creating media content that is purposely designed to attract attention and encourage viewers to click on a link. There are many clever tactics behind Clickbait and it is important to be aware that these visuals can be a clever disguise to potentially harmful phishing links. Become familiar with common Super Clickbait tactics so that you can stay clear of these tempting visuals on thumbnails when you are navigating digital content.

Alluring Headlines

If the headline sounds too good to be true it most likely is, especially if it uses one of the predictable enticing sentences stated above. These headlines are purposely designed to catch your attention in hopes that you click the link for more information. Stay clear of these tempting and catchy headlines that will just leave you disappointed.

Bold Text

Nothing catches our eye more than bold text in display fonts and capitals. This is an instant sign that you are most likely looking at some super Clickbait. Always be on the lookout for text that is overemphasized and enhanced in dramatic ways. No bold text is ever worth the potential to jeopardize your personal information or safety.

Vibrant Colors

Are the neon colors of the 90’s back?!? The perfect compliment to any bold Clickbait text is a palette of vibrant colors to really catch your eye. If you are witnessing a plethora of neon colors on a video thumbnail in the way of text, shapes, or images, it is time to avoid clicking any related links. Neon colors can be the perfect warning sign of potential danger.

Provoked Curiosity

Super Clickbait is designed to pique your curiosity and interest! The creators of Clickbait know exactly what to text to include to try and entrance you into clicking on a link. They often take advantage of top celebrity news, human interest stories, or popular social media trends to lure you into satisfying your natural curiosity. No personal curiosity is ever worth clicking on an unknown link.

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