An Educator's Guide to Promoting Digital Kindness

August 4, 2022
An Educator's Guide to Promoting Digital Kindness

The intentional act of practicing and promoting digital kindness can have a profound impact on the emotional well-being of others and can work towards increasing the amount of compassion that is observed in our fully connected world. A small gesture of kindness can make a huge difference in someone’s day and can quickly change the trajectory of our digital interactions and relationships. Can you imagine if every human being in the world replaced a complaint with a compliment? That would be 7,753,000,000 more kind words in the world. Now imagine if everyone repeated this kindness trend every single day… In just two weeks that would be over a hundred billion new compliments and kinder words in the digital world…

Ways to Promote Digital Kindness

  1. Leave a supportive comment on another individual’s social media account.
  2. Take the time to leave a positive review for a restaurant that you enjoyed.
  3. Message an honest and sincere compliment when you see an image, story, or message that you enjoy or like.
  4. Like and/or share a piece of digital content that you find inspiring or motivating.
  5. Compose a genuine email to show your appreciation towards another individual for something that they did.
  6. Take the time to connect with an individual that you have lost touch with or haven’t talked to in a while.
  7. Share a message of love or support for a business, individual, or event that you recently participated in.
  8. Recommend a great podcast, product, or professional service to another individual through a link.
  9. Choose to actively disengage from digital content and conversations that are unproductive and unkind.
  10. Express your gratitude to individuals that you care about!

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