The Best Defense Against Harmful Cyber Attacks!

August 15, 2022
The Best Defense Against Harmful Cyber Attacks!

Cyber Attacks are rampant, persistent, and damaging in our digital world. It can just take one cleverly crafted phishing email, one well disguised link in the comment section, or simply just complacent users that like the convenience and comfort of reusing passwords. The following are five cyber attack defensive strategy recommendations that users should have in place at all times to protect their personal information and online accounts from being compromised.

Utilize a different password for every account

Every single digital account that you use should have its own unique password that is significantly different from your other active passwords. If you are consistently reusing passwords for multiple digital accounts, you are placing yourself in an extremely vulnerable position. This vulnerable position could lead hackers to do damage in a variety of different areas with just one successful set of login information.

Consistency use strong passwords

Strong passwords should be a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters, characters, and more than one word. Your best defense is to spend the time to create longer passphrases to protect your personal information and digital accounts. Think of your password as a lock, the more digitals to align, the harder it is to break the code. Ensure that you are resetting your strong passwords every six months to add an extra layer of security.

Browse the internet on safe websites

Review your browser privacy and security settings to try and ensure that you are only accessing reputable, credible, and safe websites. It is also ideal to ensure that all websites you are browsing start with the standard URL code “https”. A couple other recommendations for your cyber attack defense system is to regularly delete your cookies and to use an ad blocker for enhanced privacy. Stay away from any website that looks suspicious or asks you to enter any personal information to proceed.

Think before you click. ALWAYS. Well disguised phishing links are one of the most dangerous ways to put your personal information at risk. Be sure to check out the URL of the link, the spelling of words within the link, the potential objective of the link, and where the link has been strategically placed. It is never a good idea to click on a digital link that you are even a little bit unsure of.

Never share your personal information

No reputable business or organization will ask for your personal information through an email or a link. Don’t be tempted to share your information in exchange for a gift card or other financial incentive online- these are purposely designed digital hoaxes to collect your information. The best defense against cyber attacks is to keep as much of your personal information offline as possible.

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