What are online relationships & safety?

With UpSavvy, students understand the primary methods of connecting with people online (messaging, chat, video, social, games). They learn the differences between an online connection and a real life connection and safety considerations when connecting with people online.

UpSavvy online relationships & safety lessons

  • How we connect with people online
  • Differences between online and real life friendships
  • Staying safe with people you meet online
  • Communicating with care online in games and chat
  • Staying safe with boundaries in online friendships
  • Staying safe in social media relationships
  • Sexting and how it impact people's lives
  • Catfishing in the social media world
  • Identifying warning signs on social media
  • Communicating professionally online

Digital citizenship curriculum topics

About UpSavvy

UpSavvy provides one minute lessons for digital citizenship using interactive video format. It can be deployed with single sign-on and integrates with Google, Microsoft, Clever, ClassLink. UpSavvy was launched by former Googlers who helped over 4 million people learn how to use Google Apps.

Why UpSavvy works

  • Takes less than 5 minutes a month to learn digital citizenship.
  • Interactive content with over 200 bite size videos, quizzes & simulations.
  • Empowers teachers with resources while minimizing their time investment.
  • Enhances the classroom experience without sacrificing learning time.

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